Friday, March 16, 2007

Spring Fever

First ride of the season!
Originally uploaded by 8ran.
Oh man, do I want a motorcycle. A few short days ago we had 70 degree weather in Lansing. It was enough to make everyone I was around sick with anticipation of spring's arrival. Those unlucky enough to work through the day found themselves sneaking outside for a break and just enjoying the return of sun and warmth.

Personally I don't mind the winter, but it becomes photographically boring in its later stages, and a day like this is all it takes for me to get excited again about going out and taking pictures. My Polaroids don't work all that great in the cold months, so that is something I look forward to in the thaw.

And then of course, a day later, comes the crushing reality that it is still mid-March, brought on by a 30 degree drop in temperatures. Now I'm sitting inside, wishing for warmth all the more because of that first taste. I want more, and looking at the forecast, we're all going to wait for some time to come.

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