Saturday, March 31, 2007

Photo Trip to Ann Arbor

The young photographer
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Get your good photo-shooting hat on! Tomorrow, Sunday April 1st, Ann Arbor will be having their first annual FestiFools parade. It will run 4-5 pm on Main street. Basically, they've been creating Mardi Gras-type outfits and papier-maché puppets and plan to put on a grand show for the public. A kinda street-performance-art type thing using "enormous street puppets, inventive musical instruments, expressive choreography and resourceful costumes." Their words not mine.

It sounded like fun, and at the very least an interesting photographic opportunity well-suited to my Krappy Kameras, so I'll be there, probably toting a Holga or Diana or Polaroid of some sort. Let me know if you plan on going, perhaps we can meet up and strategize.

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Mark said...

Erich -- I plan on being there with Digital AND film. Should be fun! Definite Deserves Diana Documentation...