Monday, March 26, 2007

Nighttime at the Capitol

Michigan's Capitol
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I noticed the nice soft light today after getting off work and decided to hurry over to the Capitol to see if I could get some photos. When I got there, I saw that someone else had much the same idea - a woman had her SLR mounted on a tripod and was beginning to set up for a few shots.

I said something like "Hey, no photography!" when I walked up carrying my camera bag and tripod. I was intending on getting her name and info but I didn't notice her leaving until it was too late. If you know her, or you are her, let me know.

It's always fun to compare notes and stories, and that's something I really want to start doing locally. The more we get together and trade knowledge, the better photographers we all will be. To me, Photography isn't about who has the best shots necessarily, it's about improving yourself, and helping others if you are in a position to do so.

I got some nice shots, but I wonder what hers look like...

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