Sunday, July 6, 2008

Happy 4th Lansing

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Went down to the festivities on the fourth, and only really saw one other guy with an interest in shooting the fireworks. Riverfront Park is quite photogenic though, and I found a bit to inspire me while we waited for the show to start. Also, Lansing Community College is simply gorgeous in the summer. The landscaping and gardens are quite easy on the eyes, and the Japanese garden, with the huge Koi pond, seems like it's straight out of a fairytale.

I bet it would make a great photowalk location - you could hit all the historic buildings including the Capitol, the LCC campus, and take some photos of people enjoying the riverwalk and nearby farmer's market, maybe even a quick trip up to Old Town.


Stephanie said...

You keep hinting at a Lansing photowalk. Make it happen! I know a couple flickerites who'd be interested.

Linus said...

Not especially a comment to this specific post, but anyway. I'm a swedish guy who just bouight a polaroid swinger model 20, and heard you might be able to give some advice on how to convert it to use 120 film. Greatful for any advice,

Erich Zechar said...

Can't say I've done that myself, Linus, but it should be pretty easy. You would just need to fashion a transport mechanism - a little screw to advance the film on the right side of the camera, probably at the bottom. Something to hold the left spool in place, and preferably a pressure plate to hold film flat. I have used mouse pads for pressure plates before - they seem to work alright. Oh, and a red window for film advance too. Not too hard if you have the time and creativity, and I certainly don't have the time lately for such a project unfortunately.