Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Park for the Dogs

Black and White Lab blurred
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East Lansing used to have a really nice dog park right by the Commuter Lot. For some reason they decided to close it down and make it into a disc golf course. Thankfully for us dog lovers, Lansing has opened a brand spankin' new dog park, located off Aurelius Road adjacent to Hawk Island Park.

The park is named Soldan Park, after its benefactors Howard and Erma Soldan. It's a large well-groomed grass park, with an all-dogs-welcome policy. I went to the old East Lansing dog park and it was a great place to take photos as dogs chase and play. It's good practice for those of us dSLR shooters who want to learn how to do sports and action style photography. Take your pooch and camera, and have some fun. See you there!


Joseph said...

They are reopening that E. Lansing park November - March, I heard.

Felicity White said...

I can confirm that my cocker spaniel loves Soldan Park.