Friday, September 21, 2007

About that time again!

One of my personal favorite parts of being in Michigan has to be the apple Harvest. Seems that no matter where you live you can find a cider mill or three, and enjoy the crisp weather with a bushel of apples, a fresh warm doughnut, a glass of apple cider, and maybe a hayride.

Everybody has their own favorite apple (mine is Honeycrisp), and everyone seems to have their own favorite cider mill. In the Lansing area, you have a few options available:

Uncle John's Cider Mill: This is the big one in the area. It's a few minutes north of Lansing in Saint Johns. Seems half the time I go there is a waiting line for pretty much everything, and the place is totally overrun with people. If you want to go to the biggest mill, and the best established, this is it. No u-pick apples though.

Country Mill: This is a smaller mill and orchard, located to the southwest in Charlotte. It has a nice u-pick orchard, a working historic cider mill, and best of all for me, Honeycrisp apples in early September. Mmmm.

There are other options as well, and exploring the mills for a day is a relaxing change of pace.

Bring your digital camera or color film with you, because half of the fun is seeing the fall color while the sweet smell of apple fills the air. You can do some landscape shots of the orchard, equipment shots of the mill, maybe even a Macro or two of pumpkins and apples waiting to be harvested. I love to take photos of the visiting people as well. See you out there this year!

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