Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hiatus done

I've been out of time a little bit lately, having finished up the semester and now having a few weeks of vacation to recollect myself. I've thinned the herd of bikes lately, eliminating the Bridgestone XO I had been using for commuter duty and Holly's old Gitane, which had been my winter commuter.

My personal stable is now down to 3 complete bikes. The Fuji roadie has become a singlespeed/fixed summer ride, and the Fuji mountain bike is my offroad choice and winter commuter. The Motobecane has sprouted a 14-speed drivetrain, fenders, and nice new sidepull brakes to become my commuter. I may add racks and such as I go, but I'm playing it by ear for now.

Holly's stable is 3 as well, including a Raleigh mixte that I've since put some beautiful aluminum Velo Orange fenders on, and it makes a great bike. Her commuter is still the 650B Trek 560, which has been a helluva ride so far, but it'll need some fenders coming up, which will probably end up being some cheapie plastic planet bike fenders for durability's sake. FInally she has her Raleigh mountain bike, which is again her offroad ride and her winter commuter.

As for photos, I've been using 35mm film again, but that probably won't last. Need to get the Mamiya medium format up and swinging again. I'm also waiting to see if prices will drop on the new Olympus EP-1 digital so I can replace my Canon DSLR. Oh, and I saw my first Rivendell in the flesh recently. Guy was nice enough to talk to me about it. It looked like a great bike, and his bag setup was very conducive to grocery shopping. I was almost ashamed to be packing up my Honda at the time.


Doohickie said...

Hey, welcome back!

J Ake said...

Fenders. Thanks for reminding me. Does Zefal make fenders any longer? Is there even a Zefal any longer?

Doohickie said...

Yes. And Yes.