Sunday, June 14, 2009

Another Bike!

So I was looking for a mixte frame as previously noted, and of course a beautiful french road bike plops into my lap at that very moment. It was the right price - free - so I picked it up, knowing it was a good quality frame.

Mine is just like the one pictured here, but it's currently missing the correct rear wheel, seat post, and saddle. No big deal since I have 27" wheels all over my garage, and a seat post is pretty inexpensive too. If I just want to make some money I could just flip this bike quickly, though I don't know if I want to. I've always wanted a French bike, silly as that sounds, and this bike fits me just right and has the extra clearance the Fuji lacks for fenders and such. The paint is in good original shape, and the Suntour Cyclone derailers and shifters work fine too.

It would probably make a fine city bike, with swept back handelbars, a sprung saddle, and fixed/free wheelset, but it would also make a great roadie, obviously. Do I get rid of the Fuji? Options, options, and I still haven't gotten Holly's Mixte yet.


cupcakerator said...

Wait a second, how many bikes do you have now?

Erich said...

10, if you could all the frames, though at least one will never be used again and needs to be gone, 1 is Holly's mom's bike, and 1 is the mixte frame I probably can't use.