Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Shifting Focus

Zipping Along
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I have had a hard time keeping this blog constantly updated, and a big part of that is that my photography has been unfocused lately. I am trying to get that back into shape, concentrating on my artistic strengths and what I enjoy, not painting with such broad strokes, so to speak. Another part of that is my growing fondness for cycling. I have restrained myself from shouting about that here, but I am starting to believe that the two hobbies aren't necessarily mutually exclusive, judging by the number of people I've met who enjoy both.

Basically I intend to cover the local cycling and photo scene in equal measure here, and try to see just where and when the two might overlap. Lansing has some great cycling, and it certainly has some great opportunities for photography, and things seem to be getting better each season. Stay tuned.