Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sugoi desu ne!

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Koi are pretty cool in my book, and so are Japanese gardens. Lansing Community College has one of the best Japanese gardens around, for my money. They have a beautiful waterfall trickling down to a pond stocked with some of the most gorgeous Koi. It's not too deep, so I doubt they overwinter there, but I don't know for certain when they remove the fish, and where they go when it's time to move them.

Peadeful is the way I'd describe it, and such a serene atmosphere is a valuable commodity in the immediate area. I hope LCC continues to keep the garden up for years to come, it's the crown jewel of the campus.

Before the winter snow, you can go view the garden and fish together on LCC's main campus, off Capitol Ave near the intersection with Genesee. Check out the cool Rogers-Carrier house while you're there too, some really neat architecture.

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