Monday, September 8, 2008

Look out, a Robot!

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A friend had a great idea for a photoshoot, and for once we actually followed through on it. We just happened to have a robot laying around, and thought about how Robots and humans have a big communication barrier between them. We thought about how Robots have to go about their daily lives when they are not laboring for us, and how people can misinterpret their actions. We also thought about how to portray the different ways Robots see the world, how they notice things we take for granted.

These shots were the result, and I think they came out great. I chose to use my Digital SLR, though originally I planned on using my big Mamiya medium format. After thinking more than a few minutes, I decided it would be more important to be able to move and shoot at the same time, and let the camera do at least some of the thinking (exposure and focus-wise) for me. That turned out to be a good idea, as I would have missed most of these shots had I decided to use the slow, cumbersome Mamiya.

I knew up front I wanted to go with a black-and-white film or digital conversion, because Robots just scream black and white to me - from binary code to their actual colors. It also turned out to be a bit of a rainy day, which worked in my favor, since Robots tend to be quite reflective, and the clouds muted that a bit.

Oh, and if you're wondering why I'm not posting lately, sorry. I've been taking less photos to be honest, and the ones I have taken have to get processed still. I'm in school, working, and applying to nursing school. So get off my back, willya?

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