Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Buried Sweet

The Buried Sweet
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I love going out to the cemetery and seeing what I can find. Some people have really interesting names, and I think the graveyard would be the perfect place for a couple to pick out names for their baby. Okay, maybe that's a bit macabre, but why not?

I just picked up a 50mm AF lens for my K100D digital SLR, and boy is that nice. Should have just done it a long time ago, but I couldn't talk myself into dropping the money. Once I finally got it, I ended up selling all my superfluous old manual focus stuff, and that more than covered the cost. For anybody thinking about using manual focus lenses on their dSLR, forget it. The viewfinder of even the best dSLR is dimmer and smaller than what you used to get, and the focusing screens aren't built to manually focus on.

If I had my druthers, I'd build a consumer-level SLR body with a nice pentaprism finder, and a split-image focusing screen. That would just be great. Don't see that happening, so I might as well cave and buy some decent AF glass.


Trujen said...

I agree with you about picking names from the cemetery. I too love going into one and just seeing what's there; there's something very soothing about them. But, unlike you, I've never shot in one. That I've yet to justify for myself. I'm mean really, how could one hang a photo of a headstone without it looking a bit odd? At least in my house it would be odd.

Re: your 50mm. How much of a difference is it from the lens that came with your camera? I know some photographers swear by it but why? Do you shoot a lot of people? I'm trying to get into photography more; at least trying to make some cash by shooting small, casual weddings and portraits. Should I get one? I have a 20D EOS SLR that came with a 18-50mm lens.

Anyway, I'm a fan. I check your site out once in awhile. Keep up the posting!

Erich Zechar said...

20D is a great camera, and a nice used 50mm wouldn't cost you even $100, I would certaily buy it. The advantages are that it's going to be a lot faster, smaller, lighter, and optically better than any zoom. Certainly worth checking out, they are great for portraits.

I've got to update the blog, have been quite busy lately. Thanks for the comment!