Tuesday, November 13, 2007


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People who know me personally usually find out quickly that I have a lot of cameras. It's not that I consider myself a collector, far from it. I just seem to pick them up here and there, thinking a new camera might spark my creativity or open up a new door to me. But there's a problem that comes with being at a crossroads, with all paths open to you. You can't decide what road to choose, and you can't see very far down any of them.

So it is with me and my cameras. Instead of opening up new possibilities, each successive camera I purchase seems to stall me from actually going out and taking photos. Which to grab, for any given circumstance? I've found it can be crippling, and with my experiment last month to use only one camera all month, I've also found that the alternative can be liberating.

So I'm getting rid of any camera I haven't touched in a while. Some of these are just shelf decorations, but I don't really need something to decorate my shelf. Any of the cameras pictured here are for sale, so let me know if you want one.

I'm keeping my digital, the SX70, Polaroid 110A, Rolleicord, Mamiya 23, and Holga. Oh, and the XA, I need that too. I don't need one more camera, except maybe the pinhole I made a few years ago... Just the digital, the SX-70, the 110A, Rollei, Mamiya, Holga, XA, and the pinhole. I don't need anything else.

Unless it's a Bessa R...

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