Friday, May 25, 2007

A Dinosaur Dies

A Dinosaur Dies
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Well, I thought this might happen. Castle Photo, one of Lansing's only real local photo shops, is closing. Apparently the owner didn't want to pay next month's rent, though that's just a rumor. It's probably partly true, but they probably also weren't making all that much money. Castle Photo was great to have around because they stocked lots of different films, from slide to traditional black and white, in many formats.

Castle Photo also carried darkroom supplies, and I don't think any other place in town does, though I may be wrong on that. They had a large selection of lighting equipment, bags, tripods, and odds and ends.

What did them in as a business was their refusal to fully embrace the digital camera age. They were a Canon-only digital shop, and that doubtless turned many away. Folks like me loved the film selection and cheap accessories, but unfortunately folks like me are few, and certainly not enough to sustain a business.

I'll miss Castle Photo. If you want to get some good deals, or find out what you've missed, head down there before the end of the month.

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