Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Welcome to Lansing?

I moved to Lansing, Michigan after living in the Ann Arbor area for quite some time. It was in Ann Arbor that my love for photography bloomed, and I came to love the community and friends that grew out of my passion for photography. We created a Krappy Kamera Club, and met up with other photographers from Flickr.

Circumstances (a wife in veterinary school at MSU) forced a change of location, and I found myself in the state capital. I quickly found much to photograph and much to remind me of Ypsilanti. The people, the decaying grand architecture, the surrounding farms. What I had, and still have, a hard time finding is a group of people, a community, to share my passion with.

So I'm creating this space to try to bring together people in the area who love Lansing, and love photography. Heck, loving Lansing is optional. Let's just fill this void, and come together to create something new, something this area lacks and sorely needs.

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GoGo said...

Hey There. Welcome to Lansing, a fellow transplanted Lansing resident myself AND I work intern at the vetclinic as a MSW intern. Woot!

I had to post on your blog because I love photography...and the simple act of taking photos. I'm too new at it to even be a newby, but wanted to pass along a photo of Kalamazoo Ave from http://gogoroku.blogspot.com/2007/02/pages-from-sketchbook.html.

I'll be checking in on your photos and blog.